14 Ga. x 50", JET BOX & PAN BRAKE W/FOOT CLAMP, STK#752127, MODEL#BPF-1450

Specific Info On This Equipment

Reference Number: 7909

Condition: New

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Full Product Description

Model:  PBF-1450
Stock Number:  752127
Mild Steel Capacity (Gauge):  14 Mild Steel  
Maximum Lift of Beam (in.):  1-7/8"  
Bending Length Capacity (in.):  50"  
Maximum Box Depth(in.):  5  
Number and Width of Fingers (in.):  (1) 1, 1-1/8, 1-3/8,
   1-1/2, 1-3/4, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7-3/4, 10, 10-5/8  
Finger Nose Angle (deg.):  42  
Nose Radius (in.):  1/32  
Overall Dimensions:  Shipping 67 x 28 x 50; 
assembled 63 x 38 x 45"
Net Weight:  900 lbs.

To accommodate the amount of space in your shop, as well as
forming and shaping the needs of your operation, JET Bench
Box and Pan Brakes are designed to offer superior
versatility, strength, accuracy and durability. Finger width
assortments and removable finger sections enhance overall
productivity in your facility. JET Brakes are built rugged
to provide superior satisfaction bend after bend. 

* Wide Assortment of Finger widths allow greater
versatility in the shop
* Black Ceramic Coated Fingers prevent rust and ensure
longer finger life
* All body sections are welded steel plate with heavy
truss rods and braces designed to give greater strength and
* Stop rod for repeatable bending
* Material clamping is foot operated to save strain on
back and arms
* Air spring to assist in raising the clamping handle