4' x 10", JET RADIAL ARM DRILL, STK#320035, MODEL#J-1100R-4, 460V **NEW**

Specific Info On This Equipment

Reference Number: 7945

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  J-1100R-4
Stock Number:  320035  
Motor:  1-1/2 to 3 HP, 460V, 3 Ph  
Number of Spindle speeds:  12 (44 - 1500)  
Spindle Taper:  MT-4  
Max Distance Spindle to Table ( in.):  33-21/32  
T-Slots Number and Size (in.):  3 & 3/4  
Column Diameter (in.):  10-1/4  
Drilling Capacity Cast Iron (in.):  2-1/4  
Drilling Capacity Mild Steel (in.):  1-3/4  
Tapping Capacity Cast Iron (in.):  1-1/4  
Tapping Capacity Mild Steel (in.):  1  
Boring Capacity Steel (in.):  3-3/8  
Boring Capacity Cast Iron (in.):  4-3/4  
Distance Column to Spindle (max/in.):  43-5/16  
Distance Column to Spindle (min/in.):  9-5/8  
Travel of Head Horizontal (in.):  32-1/4  
Distance Base to Spindle (max/in.):  50  
Distance Base to Spindle (min/in.):  18-1/2  
Arm Travel Vertical (in.):  22-7/16  
Quill Travel (in.):  9  
Quill Travel w/ Powerfeed engaged (in.):  8-21/32  
Quill Down feed Rates (IPR):  3 (.002, .004, .006)  
Elevating Motor:  1 HP  
Base Dimensions (in.):  67-3/4 X 28 X 6-1/2  
Coolant Pump Motor:  1/8 HP  
Table Dimensions (in.):  24-3/4 X 20-1/2 X 16-1/2  
Overall Dimensions:  74 x 34 x 89  
Height:  89 inch
Width:  34 inch
Length:  74 inch
Net Weight:  4190 pound

* The power train gears and spline shaft are made of the
finest quality, heat treated and ground nickel-chrome steel,
giving extra strength and smoothness to high torque loads
* The spindle is made of the finest case hardened steel
for extra strength and wear
* The spindle is supported by double row taper roller and
thrust ball bearings at the nose with trust and rasial axis
bearings at the top
* The spindle is built to withstand exceptionally heavy
drilling and boring loads and to insure maximum accuracy
* Push button controls are all reduced to 110V
* Electrical cir cuits are located in the built-in control
box at the rear of the arm- this keeps the contols dust and
humidity free while making them easily accessible for
* Entire frame is made of Meehanite and high tensile
strength cast iron to handle the heaviest of jobs
* Arm raising safety device prevents arm from dropping
* Counter balanced mechanism for spindle return
* 12 speeds/3 feed rates make exotic materials easier to
drill, bore and tap
* Centralized control center
* Automatic tool ejector
* Independent arm manual clamping system, which locks and
unlocks the head and column

* Built in work light
* Coolant pump
* Tool kit
* Box table