Specific Info On This Equipment

Reference Number: 7950

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  J-2360
Stock Number:  354051  
Motor:  4 HP, 230/460V, 3 Ph, Prewired 230V  
Number of Spindle speeds:  9  
Range of Spindle Speeds (RPM):  55, 98, 156, 198, 346, 456,
576, 822, 1338  
Spindle Taper:  MT-4  
Quill Diameter (in.):  3.465  
Max Distance Spindle to Table ( in.):  30-1/2  
T-Slots Number and Size (in.):  3 x 5/8  
Work Table Weight Capacity (lbs.):  400  
Base Dimensions (LxWxH/ in.):  108 x 30 x 53  
Drilling Capacity Cast Iron (in.):  2-5/32  
Drilling Capacity Mild Steel (in.):  2  
Tapping Capacity Cast Iron (in.):  2  
Tapping Capacity Mild Steel (in.):  1-3/4  
Quill Travel (in.):  10  
Quill Travel w/ Powerfeed engaged (in.):  10  
Quill Down feed Rates (IPR):  .003, .006, .010, .014  
Distance Base to Spindle (in.):  50  
Table Size (in.):  22 x 19  
Distance Column to Spindle (in.):  15  
Spindle Distance to Base (in.):  50  
Swing (in.):  15  
Max Distance - Spindle to Table (in):  30-1/2  
Quill Feed:  4  
Spindle Travel (in.):  10  
Auto:  .003, .006, .010, .014  
Number of Powerfeeds:  4  
Base Slots Number & Size (in.):  5/8  
Table Dimensions:  22 X 19  
Spindle Distance to Table (max./in.):  30-1/2  
Spindle Distance to Table (min./in.):  2-3/4  
Height:  53 inch
Width:  30 inch
Length:  108 inch
Net Weight:  2405 pound

* Direct drive round column drill press with mechanical
* Two speed forward and reverse switch
* Mechanical powerfeed clutch engagement
* Heavy duty quill and spindle
* Tempered, ground spindle with internal taper mounted in
precision bearings for maximum accuracy, minimizing
* Speed and feed selectors are located on one side of the
drill head for convenience and ease of operation
* Oversized base is precision ground with T-slots for
added versatility and stability
* Spindle gear box is equipped with steel hardened,
ground, shafts and gears
* Spindle gear box is internally lubricated in a
continuous oil bath for long term smooth operation.
* Tilting table, 45 left and right
* Powerfeed can be disengaged manually

* Automatic tool ejector
* Manual quill lock
* Coolant system
* Low voltage at switch