Specific Info On This Equipment

Reference Number: 8243

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  8027J1
Height of center:  6.5"
Swing over bed:  13"
Swing in gap:  18.8"
Width in front of faceplate:  4.5"
Swing over cross slide:  8.26"
Bedway width:  12.5"
Spindle bore:  1.5"
Spindle nose (camlock):  D1-4
Spindle nose taper:  3MT
Number of spindle speeds:  12
Spindle Speed Range (rpm):  40-2500
Cross/Top Slide:
Travel of cross slide:  7.5"
Width of cross slide:  5.5"
Travel of top slide:  3.63"
Width of top slide:  3.25"
Quill travel:  4.38"
Quill diameter:  1.63"
Quill taper:  3MT
Feeds & Threading:
Longitudinal feed range:  0.01"-.039" in/rev
Number of inch pitches:  35
Range of inch pitches:  2-56 TPI
Number of metric pitches:  39
Range of metric pitches:  0.2-14mm
Number of diametral pitches:  18
Range of diametral pitches:  8-56 DP
Number of module pitches:  18
Range of module pitches:  0.3-3.5 MOD
Motor:  Spindle motor:  3 hp
Swing & Center Distance:  13" x 40" G/H Gap
Length x Height x Width:  82" x 37" x 58"
Weight:  1,960 lbs.

* Center Bushing
* Two 3MT Centers
* Inch Threading Dial
* Accuracy Chart
* Parts and Instruction Manuals
* Splash Guard
* Coolant System
* Set of Wrenches and Keys
* 115/220 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 hz. Motor (specify voltage)

Headstock: The rugged headstock is designed to provide
maximum power for roughing cuts, and smooth, quiet power for
fine finishing. The 12 all-geared speeds, from 40 to 2500
rpm, handle a wide variety of work at top efficiency. All
headstock gears are hardened and ground, and headstock
shafts are splined and turn on anti-friction bearings.
Increased mass and rigidity of the headstock mean much less
transmission noise, and less deflection than previous
models. Spindle bearings, gears, shafts, and headstock
clutches are lubricated by a pumped bath of oil.

Universal Gear Box: A broad range of Feed and Thread
selections is available by using three selector levers and
an 8-position rotary dial.  Feed selections automatically
disengage the leadscrew drive and independent torque-
limiting clutches give accidental overload protection on
both the leadscrew and spline shaft. All gears are hardened,
and shafts turn on anti-friction bearings.

Bed and Base:  The sturdy bed is manufactured from close-
grained cast iron, which is induction hardened and ground. 
The combined vee and flat configuration gives optimum
kinematic guiding of the slideways...allowing both precise,
accurate machining, and vibration-free cutting. The control
base is rigidly constructed, and incorporates a readily
accessible coolant tank mounted at the rear of the machine.

Apron, Saddle, and Slides:  For optimum precision, the cross
slide runs along a dovetail guide, and both saddle and cross
slide are provided with adjustable gib strips. For heavy
cutting, either the saddle or cross slide can be locked, and
anti-backlash adjustment is provided on the cross slide nut.
Bed wipers and an apron mounted one shot lubrication pump
are provided as standard. The cast iron apron is totally
enclosed and splash bath lubricated. A double halfnut
assembly is provided for maximum life and screwcutting
accuracy. The drop-out worm feed control is mechanically
interlocked to prevent simultaneous half-nut and spline
shaft engagement.