Specific Info On This Equipment

Reference Number: 8258

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  MA30275
Swing over bed:  30.7"
Swing over cross slide:  21.2"
Swing in Gap:  42.12"
Gap in front of faceplate:  19"
Distance between centers:  275"
Spindle nose:  A2-11
Spindle Bore:  4.1"
Headstock:  Geared Head
Number of Spindle Speeds:  12
Speed range:  12-1000 rpm
Spindle motor:  15 Hp
Min. spindle speed for full power:  45
Bed type:  One Piece
Bed width:  18"
Center height over bed:  13.38"
Cross slide travel:  15.37"
Compound slide travel:  9.5"
Leadscrew diameter:  1.75"
Feeds and Threads:
Longitudinal feeds (in/rev):  0.05 - 0.7 
Cross feeds (in/rev):  0.025 - 0.35
Number of Inch threads:  36
Range of Inch threads:  2 - 28 TPI
Number of Metric threads:  65
Range of Metric threads:  .8 - 14 mm
Number of Module threads:  22
Range of Module threads:  0.5 - 7 Mod
Number of Diametral Pitch threads:  36
Range of Diametral Pitch threads:  4-56 DP
Quill diameter:  4.125"
Quill travel:  8.25"
Quill taper:  MT6
Movement of tailstock:  Manual
Space & Weight:
Machine height:  57"
Width of machine base:  48.8"
Shipping width:  65.3"
Machine overall length -  275"- (345")
Machine net weight lbs. - 275" - 16,976
Machine shipping weight lbs. - 275" - 18,519

The Clausing MA30 series large swing engine lathes are
engineered to allow the accurate and efficient machining of
large components.  A wide range of optional accessories make
these machines suitable for most industrial applications,
including job shops, oil field, power utilities and ship

* 12 Geared Head Spindle Speeds allows optimum cutting speed
for a wide range of machining applications. Speed range from
12 to 1000 rpm.
* Spindle Motor - 15Hp for exceptional machining power.
Optional 20Hp
* All gears are made from chromium molybdenum steel treated
wtih cementation and precision ground for long-life and
* One-piece cast iron bed from the ways to floor provides a
solid foundation to ensure maxium stability and rigidity
under heavy machining operations.
* 18" Bed Width, Hardened and Ground, support the saddle and
carriage assembly allowing superior positioning and
repeatability accuracy.
* Turcite `B' is fitted between saddle and bed to greatly
reduce friction and stick-slip for smooth operation and
superior surface finishes. The low friction Turcite also
minimizes bed wear and extends the life of the machine.
under heavy machining operations.
* Immersing Style Lead Screw reduces abrasion.
* 4-way Rapid Traverse for positioning and set up.
* 4-way Power Feed for longitudinal, cross and compound
* Tailstock with 4.18" manual positioning for ease of set
up and positioning.
* 4.1" Spindle Bore supported with taper spindle bearings
provides outstanding spindle performance and load carrying
capabilities. Optional spindle bores available.
* Coolant system for tool life and part cooling.
* Automatic lubricaton system to all guideways.
* Guarding powder coating for durability.
* Emergency brake pedal for safe operation.

* Hardened and ground bed ways
* Hardened and ground gears
* Chuck guard with limit switch
* 15 hp motor with inverter drive
* Geared head spindle speeds, 12-1000
* 11" Capacity Steady Rest
* Follower Rest
* 4-way rapid traverse
* 4-way power feed
* 4-way, 8-position tool post
* 1.75" lead screw
* Lead screw cover
* Coolant system
* Automatic lubrication system
* Thread dial
* Manual tailstock w/ manual movement and anti slip lock
* Lockable main switch
* Halogen work light
* Leveling screws and pads
* Tools, tool box, operation manual