Reference Number: 8616

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  H310M
Motor:  2 HP
(Available in Single or Three Phase, different voltages)
Blade size, WxTxL:  1" x 97"
Blade speeds:  55-360 fpm
Blade range of speeds:  Infinitely variable
Coolant Capacity:  3 gallons
Work Height:  37"
Net weight (lbs):  850 lbs

@ 90-Degrees:
Round:  10"
Square:  9"
Rectangle:  5-11/16" x 11"

@ 45-Degrees Left:
Round:  6.25
Square:  6"
Rectangle:  4 x 7-7/8"

@ 60-Degrees Right:
Round:  5.25"
Square:  3.75"
Rectangle:  3.5 x 5-1/8"

The H310 M is a gravity feed autocut bandsaw capable of
mitering 45 to the left and 60 degrees to the right.  

The cycle start button is located in the trigger switch for

The blade will tun off at the end of the cut.  The solenoid
will hold the sawframe where lifted.  The Autocut will
insure that  each cut is feed exactly at the same rate,
eliminating the need to open and close the valve each cut.

The vise is mounted in a t slot with a quick release handle
it can be moved from either side of the cut.

Easy operator controls 

Large easy to read scale ensures accurate miters

Carbide guides w/ rollers

* Full Electronic Control / Information System
* Heavy Duty Drive, TEFC Motor
* 24 Volt Controls
* Heavy Duty Vari-Speed, Totally Enclosed Transmission
* Electricals to NFPA-79 Electrical Standards 
* Bi-Metal Blade
* Carbide blade guides
* Sawframe setup, controlled rate & rapid approach
* Shutoff for broken blade or low tension
* Blade drive load monitor
* Full coolant System
* Operators Tools
* All Safety Guards 

AC100  Freestanding Roller Conveyor 12" x 5'
AC101  Freestanding Roller Conveyor 12" x 10'
AC300  Custom infeed/outfeed conveyor mounted to saw 12"x5'
AC301  Custom infeed/outfeed conveyor mounted to saw 12"x10'
AC303  Accu-cut material stop w/ scale 0-72" long
AC106  Vertical Guide Rollers, (set of two)
AC125  Custom worktable infeed/outfeed 6' conveyor
       mounted to machine
AC103  Additional 6' for above
AC133  Custom worktable infeed/outfeed 6' conveyor
       mounted to machine w/ measuring system
AC105  Additional 6' for above
AC106  Vertical Guide Rollers, (set of two)
AC118  Custom outfeed roller conveyor with Digital 
    measuring system, 12" wide x 12' long, with cover plates
    between rollers, coolantreturn through, microadjustable
    legs, mounted to machine
AC 117 Footswitch
AC 116 Built in mist coolant system