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Reference Number: 870

Condition: New

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find you have paid for it but don't have it."   Henry Ford

Full Product Description

Model:  PROMACO RBM-230


Flats, Hard:  3/4" X 1/4"  14"  Standard Rolls
Flats, Hard:  2" X 3/8"  16"  Standard
Flats, Hard:  2-1/2" X 1/4"  30"  Standard
Flats, Easy:  3" X 5/8"  14"  Standard
Flats, Easy:  5" X 3/8"  13"  Special
Square Bar:  1-1/8"  24"  Standard
Square Bar:  1/2"  3"  Special
Angle, Legout:  1" X 1" X 1/4"  17"  Standard
Angle, Legout:  1.5" X 1.5" X 3/16"  16"  Special
Angle, Legin:  1" X 1" X 1/4"  20"  Standard
Angle, Legin:  1.5" X 1.5" X 3/16"  21"  Special
Tee, Legout:  1.5" X 1.5" X 1/4"  12"  Standard
Tee, Legin:  1.5" X 1.5" X 1/4"  20"  Standard
C, Legout:  2" X 1" X 3/16"  12"  Standard
Round Bar:  1-1/4"  24"  Special
Pipe, SCH 40:  1" Sched 40 Pipe  12"  Special
Pipe, SCH 40:  1.5" Sched 40 Pipe  18"  Special
Round Tube:  3/4" X 16 Gauge Tube  12"  Special
Round Tube:  2-3/8" X 16 ga Tube  48"  Special
Square Tube:  1" X 1" X 11 Gauge  25"  Standard
Square Tube:  1.5" X 1.5" X 11 ga.  40"  Special
Rect. Tube:  2" X 1" X 11 Gauge  48"  Special

Electric Motor Rating (0.75 KW):  1 HP
Power Requirement 220 Volt, 3 PH:  3.7 AMPS
Power Requirement 440 Volt, 3 PH:  1.8 AMPS 
Power Requirement 220 Volt, 1 PH:  5.9 AMPS 
Shaft Diameter:  30MM 
Shaftspeed:  6.5RPM 
Number of Driven Shafts:  2 
Number of Adjustable (Or Form) Rolls:  1 
Width:  26 Inches 
Depth:  22 Inches 
Overall Height:  51 Inches 
Approximate Pass Line:  40 Inches 
Net Weight:  350 lbs. 
Gross (Shipping) Weight:  500 lbs. 

* Rugged Steel Frame. 
* Bi-Directional Drive Motor 220 Volt, 3 PH -10:1 Gear
Reduction Unit, Operating in Constant Oil
* High Strength Steel Shafts, Powered By A Spur Gear Drive. 
* Forming Roll Guide Block Traveling on Hardened Slide Ways.
* Roll Shafts Journaled Tapered Roller Bearings, Greased &
Sealed For Life
* Two Adjustment Scales For The Depth Adjustment of The
Forming Roll. 
* Two Laterally Mounted, Adjustable Guide Rollers. 
* Main Power on/off Switch and Three Position Selector
Switch For Directional Control of The Electric Motor. 
* Set of Shims For clearance Adjustment of The Standard
* 18 Piece Standard Roll Set is Included. 
* Machine STand Is Included, With Generous Tooling Storage

The RBM 2-30 is suitable for rolling a wide variety of
materials, including structural and stainless steels, as
well as, copper, aluminum and brass. 

The machine is furnished with a standard or "Universal" Roll
set, consisting of eighteen roll discs. Each of the
machine's three shafts is equipped with two large discs and
four smaller spacer discs, of varying thickness (18 Pieces
in all). This system allows the machine operator to
"Construct" the dies that are required to roll many shapes
and sizes of materials, according to the sequence in which
the discs are installed on the roll shafts. Therefore, the
need for special tooling is eliminated on rolling
applications such as, flat bar, square bar, channels, tees,
box tubing and most angles.  Round mechanical tubing and
schedule 40 pipe may also be rolled, however, these
applications require optional tooling where the dies conform
to the O.D. of the material being rolled.  Custom roll sets,
for extruded shapes or molded caps, are also available upon

For the rolling of molded cap rails, promaco offers special
die sets. These sets consist of two components. The first is
a Delrin "Insert", which actually comes in contact with the
molded cap. Delrin is a hard, durable synthetic, which
resists material pick-up and, thereby, prevents the cap rail
from being marred during the rolling process. The Delrin
inserts are machined to the exact shape of the molded cap
rail that each customer is using. Popular caps such as the
Blum 4530 or Braun 1244 S are usually available from stock. 
Other styles can be delivered within ten working days. 
Tubing in the shape of molded cap rail may also be rolled
with this tooling. The second component of the cap rail die
set is the steel support disc. Support discs are employed
to "Sandwich" the Delrin inserts to prevent their edges from
fracturing due to side loading during the rolling process. 
These discs may also be used for rolling 12" box and 2" X 1"
rectangular tubes. 

Although we recommend that inserts conform to the shape of
the specific rail being rolled, the support discs may be
used with any set of inserts.